Web Page

  1. Create a simple wireframe mock up of the layout using the Bootstrap HTML, CSS and JS framework. – (Completed 2015-02-15)
  2. Create placement for map. – (Completed 2015-02-15)
  3. Create placement for news feed. – (Completed 2015-02-16)
  4. Create placement for tabbed sidebar with Trends and Location conversation. – (Completed 2015-02-16)
  5. Create most popular/tweeted pictures placement. – (Buggy 2015-02-16)
  6. Create Twitter picture stream placement. – (Buggy 2015-02-17)



  1. Include Google Map API. – (Completed 2015-02-15)
  2. Load Google Map into placement. – (Completed 2015-02-15)
  3. Get Google Map to recognise the current map location by latitude and longitude – (Completed 2015-02-15)
  4. Get Google Map to tell the user where that latitude and longitude is in relation to. For example: Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. – (Buggy/Laggy 2015-02-15)
  5. Get Google Map to place markers on the Map.
  6. Get Google Map to produce a heat map effect around markers, depending on their popularity. For example: Red = many markers and Blue = few markers (See Google Heatmaps). – (Buggy 2015-02-15)



  1. Include Twitter API.
  2. Get location hashtag based on Google Map latitude and longitude. For example: #Bournemouth.
  3. Get Tweets for given map location, or hashtag conversation.
  4. Show tweets on map using Google Marker.
  5. Show heat map effect around Tweet clusters.
  6. Show tweets with media content like images, video and audio on the media stream.
  7. Show most Tweeted in the past (xx hours/days) on the featured images.
  8. Show popular trends for given map location on sidebar trends.
  9. Show Twitter conversation for given maps location in the sidebar.


News Feed

  1. Include an appropriate news API similar to the discontinued Google News API.
  2. Include news article title
  3. Include news article summary description.
  4. Include news website icon/logo.

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